Activities - Curriculum Transaction


In Pre-Primary section we follow the play way method of teaching with emphasis on motor development activities. Learning is structured around themes and concept and children are encouraged to imbibe knowledge & values through their senses. Evaluation in the Pre-Primary section is mainly based on internal assessment, efforts, participation in class activities, ability to act independently etc.


At the middle school level we follow the project method of teaching where the focus is more on awakening the sensory perceptions inherent in the child, to generate curiosity about the world around and to create an urge to pursue their own quest for knowledge. The system of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation is practiced, based on grades arrived at through series of work sheets given regularly on the completion of concerned topics. There is no fixed schedule for these evaluations which is mainly devised to be a deterrent to parental pressure inadvertently caused by scheduled tests.


At the secondary level, teaching is application oriented and students are encouraged to start referring to the extensive resource material available at the library, to expand their vocabulary and to express their ideas and thoughts in their own words. Evaluation is based on grades in core subjects as well as in co-curricular achievements. Internal assessment is based on performance in projects, assignments, regular and timely submission of homework and class work.