Activities - Student Council

A Student Council is a representative structure for students only, through which they can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students. The student council helps share students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and school principals and it also gives an opportunity to the elected members to develop their leadership skills and introduces the concept of responsible voting to the students at school level itself to prepare them to shoulder this responsibility later in real life scenario.

At our school we have various posts like:-


•  Head Boy - Mast. Prasham Shah
•  Head Girl - Ms. Kriti Bahety
•  Assistant Head Boy - Mast. Veerum Siria
•  Assistant Head Girl - Ms. Tvishaa Jhaveri
•  Minister for Academics – Ms. Deeti Jakhotia
•  Minister for sports – Mast. Jehaan Radia
•  Cultural Minister – Ms. Heer Amrutia
•  Prithvi House Captain – Ms. Hem Dixit
•  Prithvi House Asst. Captain – Ms. Tvishaa Mehta
•  Jal House Captain – Mast. Smit Oza
•  Jal House Asst. Captain – Mast. Preet Gandhi
•  Agni House Captain – Ms. Mahi Davada
•  Agni House Asst. Captain – Ms. Heer Shah
•  Vayu House Captain – Ms. Charmi Thadeshwar
•  Vayu House Asst. Captain – Mast. Harsh Shah
•  Akash House Captain – Ms. Parnieka Choudhary
•  Akash House Asst. Captain – Ms. Neeva Mehta


•  Head Boy - Mast. Tanuj Shankarwar
•  Head Girl - Ms. Pushti Shah
•  Assistant Head Boy - Mast. Mayank Sahasrabudhe
•  Assistant Head Girl - Ms. Manvi Somani
•  Minister for Academics – Ms. Satleen Kaur Sehra
•  Minister for sports – Ms. Heli Dhruv
•  Cultural Minister – Ms. Siddhima Varyambat
•  Prithvi House Captain – Ms. Diti Palan
•  Prithvi Sports Captain – Ms. Nupur Pawar
•  Prithvi House Asst. Captain – Ms. Heeya Shah
•  Jal House Captain – Mast. Hitharth Shah
•  Jal Sports captain – Mast. Jash Desai
•  Jal House Asst. Captain – Ms. Kamya Parekh
•  Agni House Captain – Ms. Tisha Mandavia
•  Agni Sports Captain – Mast. Manav Notaria
•  Agni House Asst. Captain – Ms. Rakshita Makwana
•  Vayu House Captain – Mast. Mihit Sharma
•  Vayu Sports Captain – Ms. Arshika Selvan
•  Vayu House Asst. Captain – Ms. Shreelekha Nambiar
•  Akash House Captain – Ms. Vrushti Jain
•  Akash Sports Captain – Mast. Vedant Patankar
•  Akash House Asst. Captain – Ms. Maahika Kadel
•  Editor in English – Ms. Purva Dafle
•  Editor in English - Ms. Saloni Chandna
•  Editor in Hindi – Ms.Harshi Bhandari
•  Editor in Marathi – Ms. Shruti Dhere